Paul Hendry

Hi, I'm Paul, a software developer based in Ottawa, Canada.

I build
web services,
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web apps,
Vue.js logo React.js logo TypeScript logo Webpack logo
other software.
Rust logo Python logo ASP.NET logo Java logo
I've also got skills in
Docker logo Tux logo AWS logo Git logo
SQL logo Postgres logo SQLite logo

With six years of industry experience and a strong background in math and computer science, I like bringing impactful projects to life—and building them to last.

Outside of work I'm often hacking away at a hobby project, but I do pry myself from the keyboard to hike, walk my dog, read, and draw. I'm also fully bilingual (français).




I love having a side project on the go; sometimes it's for learning, sometimes it's for a challenge, and sometimes it's just for expression. Here's some of what I've been up to (check GitHub for more):


Let's get in touch! I'm available by email ( and LinkedIn.